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Save up to 90% on global roaming with an international RoamingSIM card!

RoamingSIM Pack

What is a "RoamingSIM" ?

  • RoamingSIM is a mobile phone SIM card which replaces your current SIM when travelling overseas. It is used to make and receive calls, send & receive text messages, emails and browse the internet.
  • This SIM covers calling from over 200 countries (data rates available in over 100 countries at reduced rates), at significantly reduced rates compared to the New Zealand Mobile Telephone Provider agreements.


  • Saves you up to 80% of standard charges than if you were roaming with your current SIM
  • It's Prepaid so you know how much you are spending, no surprise international phone bills when you get back home
  • The SIM and credit do not expire
  • Activation is immediate, once you register on line.
  • Free local landline number for first month and you can extend for an additional $8 per month
  • 24 hour Support line globally

International Rail Special Discount

  • As an International Rail customer, you can book online using a special promo code and save $10 on RoamingSIM packs!
  • Go to and enter promo code INTERAIL to receive your discount.