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Amsterdam to Berlin Train Ticket

Amsterdam to Berlin Train Ticket

Dutch Railways (NS) and Deutsche Bahn (DB) go the distance to get you from Amsterdam to Berlin by train comfortably and with ease. Its line of Intercity high-speed trains features some of the latest, most innovative technologies seen on European rails. Air-conditioned, roomy, quiet and smooth-running, the “IC” can make the 655-kilometer trip to Germany’s capital city in just a little over 6 hours! Both First and Second Class seating are available on all Intercity trains, as well as a wide range of in-car services at your convenience.

Established during the 13th century, Berlin is the largest city in Germany and a global center of culture, media and science. Throughout the historic capital, you’ll discover vivid reminders of a turbulent wartime past, such as the famous Berlin Wall ruins, Holocaust memorial and Brandenburg Gate monument. Other popular places to visit include the German Historical Museum, Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin Zoological Garden and Alexanderplatz public square.

Purchase your “Paper Ticket and Reservation” here and start planning your trip from Amsterdam to Berlin by train! This is an actual paper ticket that will be shipped to the address you provide, and includes your seat reservation.

Amsterdam to Berlin ticket classes

  • Second Class
    Standard seating layout; each passenger car has rows of 4 ample, comfortable reclining seats - 2 on each side of a center aisle. Private Second Class compartments capable of seating 4 or 6 are also available, but must be booked in advance. Also, handy fold-down tables are provided in front of every seat.
  • First Class
    Premium seating layout; each passenger car has 9 separate compartments. Each compartment can seat up to 6 people, has a privacy door or curtain and its very own controllable temperature setting. The huge, heavily-padded seats are fully adjustable and offer plenty of legroom. There are also 2 serviceable tables for every compartment.